Disability Support Unit

What do they do?

The Disability Support Unit provides services for current and prospective students with permanent and temporary impairments/disabilities to access the University. 

  1. Assistance during registration and orientation.
  2. Assistance to access National Student Financial Aid through the Disability bursary allocation.
  3. Assistance to access essential assistive devices, e.g. wheelchairs and other devices. 
  4. Assessments for reasonable academic accommodations, including time concessions for students with learning disabilities.
  5. Access to residences.
  6. Independence training services for visually impaired students.
  7. Sign language services for Deaf students.
  8. Support for hard of hearing students.
  9. Access to student LANS with specialised software for students with disabilities.
  10. Specialised disability counselling and support.
  11. Facilitate access to a range of rehabilitation services on and off campus.

Who are they?

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