College of Humanities

Social Work Day Celebrated at UKZN

The Social Work discipline within the School of Applied Human Sciences hosted a series of events at the Denis Shepstone Building on the Howard College campus to mark World Social Work Day.

The theme – Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social Action – stems from the People’s Charter for a New Eco-Social World, recognizing that change happens locally through diverse, ‘leader full’ communities.

UKZN social work students and staff wore green ribbons for their march around the campus, vowing to be the best social workers that they could be and to contribute to the betterment of communities and South Africa.

First-year students put on a song and dance item.

Academic Leader of the Discipline of Social Work Professor Johannes John-Langba said: ‘Social Work Day is important for both social work staff and student social workers and practitioners as it seeks to promote and maintain the profile for the profession, ensuring its significance to communities worldwide. On this day, the social work family gets recognized for all its efforts as a profession and is encouraged to do more.’

Said the fourth-year student and acting chairperson of the Social Work Student Association Mr Emmanuel Barnes: ‘Through this event, we as social work students and future practitioners hope to facilitate discussions around relevant and important issues we face in the profession.’

The Association is responsible for meeting needs and addressing issues related to social work students.

Barnes is confident that social work graduates from UKZN will be able to uplift communities and be a beacon of hope and strength for those in need. The Association also donated clothes and toiletries to an organization in need to commemorate the day.